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Convert your inbound franchise leads into discovery calls on auto-pilot. Maximize speed-to-lead, catapult your booking rate, lower no-shows and increase engagement... without lifting a finger

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Unlocking franchise growth 🔓

We get franchises, we've developed a specialized branch for them.


For Franchisors

DecimusAi harnesses the power of automation to help franchisors efficiently convert inbound leads into discovery calls, maximizing your sales force efficiency without expanding it.

This solution is designed to streamline your lead management processes, ensuring faster lead conversion and improved engagement, ultimately driving higher sales performance and growth for your franchise network.


For Franchisees

For franchisees, DecimusAi offers a robust system to nurture and convert leads automatically, leveling the playing field with larger corporations.

This system is critical for emerging franchisees who must optimize every opportunity without the resources of bigger brands. By automating the lead conversion process, franchisees can focus more on business growth and less on the intricacies of lead management.

How it works ⚙️

Advanced AI to convert franchise leads into qualified discovery calls.

Here’s how your potential candidates will be automatically converted into qualified discovery calls while you sleep.


You generate an inbound lead

On Facebook, your website, landing pages and (soon) even through inbound calls, 3rd party partners and lead portals


It's directly sent into Decimus AI

Leads are automatically shared with DecimusAi, dispatched across your team and added into our workflows to be converted into meetings.


Custom, automated qualification

During our quick onboarding, we establish your qualification criteria so Decimus can weed out the unqualified leads.


Nurtures the leads over SMS, email & VM

By talking to your hard-earned leads like the best sales rep you’ll ever have.


Books discovery calls

Discovery calls sent directly in your reps' calendar in real time. No overbooking, no hassle.


Optimizes show rates & recovers lost leads

Decimus improves show rates with personalized reminders and rebooks no-shows and unresponsive leads.

Real time KPIs 📊

Profound results you'll undeniably see & feel

DecimusAi provides you with invaluable business intelligence so you can eliminate guess-work and understand your results at a glance.

Performance reports with metrics you've always dreamed of.

Meet your industry expert 🧠

Rob Gandley—
VP of Franchise Sales

Trailblazer in franchise marketing, Rob steers his franchise clients to success, merging deep AI insights with a rich history in marketing.

Since the '90s, Rob has been at the forefront of the digital revolution, creating one of the first Google-centric automated franchise lead generation agencies.

Rob loves to share his experience supporting leading franchise brands. Find him, notably, in his podcast "Franchise Marketing Radio" and in Entrepreneur Magazine's latest edition of the "Franchise Bible".

Avid outdoorsman, his strategic approach mirrors the lessons learned from nature: innovate, conquer, and always reach for new heights.


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The increase financial stability will generate a significant competitive edge via budget optimization.

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The increase financial stability will generate a significant competitive edge via budget optimization.

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The increase financial stability will generate a significant competitive edge via budget optimization.

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Proven // Effective // Game-Changing 🔥

30 Day Franchise Pilot
Onboarding Process

Sign-Up & Discovery


Testing & Tuning

Beta & Scaling

  • Day 0 | Pilot Contract | 10 minutes (Enterprise & Franchises)
  • Day 0 | 2 minutes | Website Trial Signup
  • Day 0 | 2 minutes | Order Form
  • Day 0 | 15 minutes | Onboarding Form
  • Day 1-2 | Decimus | Account Creation
  • Day 3-9 | 60 minutes | Kickoff Call
  • Day 9-12 | 5 minutes | A2P Form + Lead Sync
  • Day 9-12 | Decimus | Setup & KB Creation
  • Day 13-15 | 30 minutes | KB Review
  • Day 16-19 | 10 minutes | BD Calendar Sync
  • Day 16-19 | Decimus | Final Setup
  • Day 20-24 | 60 minutes | Initial Test & Feedback
  • Day 25-29 | Decimus | Fine Tuning
  • Day 30-32 | 60 minutes | Test & Feedback
  • Day 33-37 | Decimus | Fine Tuning
  • Day 38-40 | 60 minutes | Final Approval
  • Day 40 | Beta Launch & Reports
  • Day 40-70 | Weekly Sync
  • Day 70-75 | Scaling
  • Day 75+ | Monthly Sync


  • Website signup and onboarding
  • Setup & knowledge base creation
  • Knowledge validation

Test drive

  • Feedback and testing
  • Fine tuning
  • Final testing

Soft launch

  • Kickoff validation
  • Launch day and real-time KPI report
  • 30 min meeting with account manager

Scaling & Ongoing

  • Final integraton meeting
  • Real-time KPI report
  • Monthly meeting with account manger

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Explore why DecimusAi was created, the profound business challenges it solves, how it compares to other solutions and what the onboarding process comprises of.

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Franchise developement

Decimus saw its genesis in the financial industry, where the two founding partners were hired by multinationals to generate massive amounts of discovery calls, without the need for a massive sales force.


Transform your business with AI appointment setting, powerful personalization and extra features.

Includes Starter plan, plus:

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∞ Unlimited
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Up to 3 users
97 $ / extra source
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Leads Sources
Up to 3 sources
27 $ / extra source
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AI Usage Fees
Up to 3 sources
~$1 / lead thereafter
Usage fees vary according to lead interaction
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Additionnal Locations
Discount scale pricing
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Exclusive Franchise Offer

Selected franchises get 30 day free and all usage fees covered by us. Embark on a transformational journey with Decimus - the competitive edge your business needs. Start your pilot today and ensure you never fall behind.

No Risk 30 Day Pilot get proof of concept & transform your franchise business forever.

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