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Our Mission

Transforming lives
with tech & AI.

Decimus is all about making world class, game-changing systems accessible to SMEs.

Our passion for innovation and technology brings us together— our customers' success keeps us moving forward.

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The Backstory

Thousands of sales appointments in finance

Decimus saw its genesis in the financial industry, where the two founding partners were hired by multinationals to generate massive amounts of sales appointments, without the need for a massive sales force.

The Tipping Point

A burning need & an overwhelming reality.

Spending time with these multinationals strengthened their belief that automated inbound lead nurturing and conversion systems were key to triumph but it also shed light on a grim reality... If companies with near-infinite budgets had trouble implementing these systems, how could SMEs with limited resources ever hope to?

Awoo Awoo!

Hands-free, turnkey automated AI appointment setting

Decimus was created to give SMEs with a "sales appointment" sales process access to enterprise level, game-changing systems. Built using the best frameworks available and leveraging the power of AI, Decimus enables businesses to 3X their lead conversion, without spending an extra dime on marketing or needing to continuously hire.


AI & sales tech at its best

Decimus may have earned its spot as one of the most advanced AI Sales appointment system available but our team of spartans takes nothing for granted. We are continuously developing and integrating new tech in our systems to remain market leaders and give our customers the ultimate edge. Sign-up to our newsletter to be kept aware of our light speed product roadmap!

The values that drive everything we do

Our values ​​are the strongest link in our chain. They define our actions with ourselves, our teams and with our customers.


We soulfully commit to our clients, teams and goals. This drives our strong work ethic and enables us to achieve superior results.


We stay on the verge of new technologies and in a constant state of R&D by continuously analyzing our product for improvement.


We are authentic about our fears but we never let them get the best of us. Through adversity we remain positive and strong.


We motivate those we come into contact with to push themselves and never miss out on their excellence: we equip them to do so.

Home in the Americas—
Minds around the globe.

Although we have headquarters in frosty Montreal and sunny
Miami where we meet for the occasional office party, our teams
are enjoying the perks of remote working across the globe!

Miami, USA

6303 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, Florida 33126 USA

Montreal, CAN

596 de la Metairie, Montreal, H3E1T2 Canada

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